Our company are nearly registed in 2015, after combined 30years experience of industrial knife sales and produce.  Our Owner, Mr. Wu, started as a Europe knife representative in China,  selling top quality industrial knives for paper, printing, metal, woodworking, recycling, plastic industry. 
In 2000, he created own production facility,  producing straight knives for paper, woodworking and reycling industry,  while selling circular knives and toolings from Europe.  
When he noted a big growing in using of circular knives after 2005, especially in metal, non-woven, tissue industry.  he started to add product line of circular knives in 2015. 

Thanks to a better understanding of high quality European standard knives,  we are able to produce equal quality to European producers now.
Today, we export rotary slitter blades, rubberized spacers, granulator blades, shredder blades, shredder blocks, pelletizer blades,  planer blades, chipper blades, circular top blades, circular bottom blades, multi-groove blades,  etc to worldwide.  
Our industrial cutters and machine knives are for industry: Woodworking, metalworking, tube, steel, non-ferrous, plastic, rubber, paper, bag packing, food processing, converting, etc.

Metal Industry

Wood Industry

Plastic Industry

Paper Industry

Recycling Industry

Special offer this month

Goebel dished knives
Jenz planer knife
Erema blade 
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New arrival

Cross cut knives for N95 mask machine
Mechanical parts for N95 mask machine
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Free sample

Dished slitters
Bottom slitters
Pelletizer knife

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