Material Hardness
Q1. What steel grade is suitable for a food application
A1. Stainless steel 316,  420, 440b, 440c for food processing industrial knives
440c is top wear resistance and has a strongest anti-rust function, Hardness 58-60

Q2. How can I identify my current using knife material 
A2. Using grinding machine slightly sharpening the corner of knife, observe the spark 

Q3. What steel grade s suitable for wood and tree care 
A3. Chipper steel H13, A8 or A8 modified is suitblade,  Hardness cannot be more than HRC58

Q4. Can I use carbide inlay steel to cut plastic material
A4. Yes, but be sure you have the correct grinding wheel and way to regrinding your knife

Q5. Why my knife is easily get chipped during operation
A5. By using wear resistance material,  and doing proper tempering 
Q1. Our knife is currently getting blunt very fast,  how can I solve it
A1. Get a small block from your currently knife,  send to us.  We will analyze what material is it and recoomend the suitable one

Q2. Can you garantee the lifetime
A2. We cannot promise the lifetime, because there are several reason involved, such as cutting material, machining speed, cutting germotry.  However, we are happy to try with customer until finding a best solution

Q3. We want to save cost by regrinding our knife,  can we get it like a new knife
A3. Yes, We can regrinding knife and give a new looking knife

Q4. Why our bottom knife wear so quickly,  settle bottom knife takes too much time
A4. Be sure your top knife hardness is lower than bottom knife,  so you donot need to change bottom knife often,  change top knife at a regular basis.
Order Shipping
Q1. If I make an order,  Can I get knife before the deadline
A1. When we confirm customer the delivery date,  we 90% can ship before.  In case there is a fail in production, we will push to reproduce and complete no longer than 2 weeks

Q2. Do I have a minimum quantity of order
A2. For 90% there is no minimum quantity,  for 10% with very sepcial knife, there is minimum order to cover the basi cost

Q3. Which way can you ship to my place
A3. We can ship by express UPS/FEDEX soonest,  by air or by sea to your destination.  We will make a calculation to let you decide which is the most favorable to you

Q4. I need a certificate of origin when we receive shipment, in order to complete a import tax deduction,  can you supply
A4.  Yes, we can supply certficate of origin

Q1. How you will deal with complaint if the knife is failed
A1. We have inspection before shipment. However, there is no one can promise 100% success.  If there is a problem which is on us, we will reproduce the order and ship the order at our cost

Q2. I ordered the knife,  however I found the problem of knife 1 year later.  Can you recognize it
A2. When the knife is from our company,  we have order number on the knife,  we can recognize it. So no matter then you find the problem,   we are responsible for it

Q3. Can I ask a refund instead of reproduce it
A3.  Yes, it depends on customer

Q1. Can you etching our logo on knife
A1.  Yes, we can ething your logo, or any digital number of order for easier identification

Q2. Can you make drawing based on our sample or sketch
A2.  Yes,  we can make CAD drawing based on given information

Q3. If I buy from you,  can I get same packing as I bought from other supplier in the past
A3.  Try to send us picture of others, we will find it

Q4. If I need a urgent order, can you do
A4.  Let us know which knife you need, for some kind of knives we can delivery really fast.